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Bluelight Glasses for Adult (Round)

Model Code: DM-BLR-ADULT-M

6 months

Regional availability:
All Regions

Prefer something trendy for bluelight glasses? This round frame bluelight glasses is your best choice! Apart from 2 trendy styles to choose from, the bluelight blocking percentage for this model is raised to 40%, higher bluelight protection for your daily use. The UV blocking percentage keeps at 99%. This glasses only weight 19g, suitable for people using electric devices for long time. 

Material: Stainless Steel

Lens Bluelight reduction: 40%  

UV resistant: 99%

Size: 51 x 23 -138

Weight: ±19g 

 CE marking

40% Bluelight reduction
99% UV blocking
Light weight
Made with light-weighted material, wear it comfortable for long time
Trendy Frame
2 trendy frame available, suitable for different style