Maintenance Service


  • Within the Warranty period
    (effective within one year from the purchase date):

    Please WhatsApp to 9721 2879  to describe your product’s problem
    and please provide the purchase invoice.

    *If the damage is caused by mishandling, relevant manpower and parts costs will be quoted and will be charged separately. 

    Products bought from Broadway Shops, please call Harbour Mark Maintenance Department at 2742 8311.


  • Procedures to follow:
    Products can be received for inspection in our Center.
    Inspection fee: HKD$300 (Extra Quotation for Parts if necessary once inpected.)
  1. WhatsApp to 9721 2879  (no Hotline) for making appointment in advance
  2. Bring along product and official receipt (if necessary) to Lai Chi Kok office
  3. After the product is collected, it will be sent to the maintenance department for further follow-up. After inspection, the maintenance department will provide a quotation via WhatsApp, such as the parts cost that need to be replaced. Repairs will be arranged only after the customer confirms the quotation.

     If the customer accepts the quotation, the maintenance department will repair and replace parts; when the repairs is completed, we will notify for pick-up time.

    The parts warranty is 90 days from the date of receipt.

     If the customer does not accept the quotation, the maintenance department will return it to the customer. Yet, the inspection fees will not be refunded.


  • Payment method:

    If you need to pay the deposit/maintenance inspection fee/parts fee, please bank transfer to our company account:

    Please take a screenshot and WhatsApp  9721 2879  the receipt after transfer for our records;

    Bank of China BOC HK
    Fortune Fountains (Asia) Limited


  • Office address:
    Company Name: Fortune Fountains (Asia) Limited
    Address Details: Room 12, 10/F, Tower A, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489-491 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
  • Business hours:
    10:30am-12:30pm, 14:30pm-17:30pm