Product Warranty

We provide warranty to some of our products. Customer who purchased our product from Deutschmacht official site enjoy this product warranty programme.

Warranty period valid and start automatically upon product purchased date.
For example, if you purchase the product on Jan 1, 2021, and the product entitle to 1-year warranty, the warranty period end on Dec 31, 2021.

Product Type Warranty Period
Blood Pressure Monitor 2 Years
Water Dispenser 1 Year
Earphone 1 Year
Power Bank  1 Year
Hub 1 Year
Light 1 Year
Fan 1 Year
USB Cable (Standalone) 6 Months
Bluelight Glasses
6 Months
Travel Sets (Pillow, Eye Mask and Pouch) No Warranty
Any Gift and accessories No Warranty

*Product warranty may vary between different products, please check the product detail page for exact warranty period.

If you find any damages on the product (with or without warranty) upon receival, please fill in and submit the Return & Refund form within 7 calendar days (7 calendar dates start counting from product receival date, e.g. if the third party courier system show you received the parcel on Oct 1, you should submit the form before Oct 7 ), our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note we will not accept any return or refund to the product that is not entitle to the warranty programme after 7 calendar days upon receival.

This warranty programme do not apply to the following situation:

  1. Product is not bought from Deutschmacht official site
  2. Product is normally wear and tear
  3. Damages caused by careless operation
  4. Improper use of the product (not using the product according to the user manual)
  5. Product is damaged through misuse, malicious acts, negligence, immerse of any liquids or exposes to adverse weather conditions
  6. Losses or damages caused by natural disasters
  7. Product is modified or repaired by third parties
  8. Product barcode or serial number has been modified
  9. Other situation that beyond reasonable control

Terms and conditions:

  1. Deutschmacht reserves the right to provide this warranty service if the customer fails to present their purchase invoice or if purchase record is not found.
  2. Deutschmacht reserves the right to alter or terminate any product warranty at any time without prior notice.
  3. In any case of dispute, Deutschmacht reserves the right to make final decisions.