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DM Travel

DM Travel Comfy Travel Pillow

DM Travel Comfy Travel Pillow

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Product Description:

The hygienic and convenient choice for travelling! The special hand pump design allows you to inflate the pillow quick and easily, also prevent bacteria growing compare to traditional inflating method. It is easy to fold and pack in your luggage. The outer layer is removable and you can always wash it using washing machine. 2 side pockets to put your phone and music. Comfy Travel Pillow is the must item when you are travelling!


. Model Code: DM-TV-PL
.Material: Polyester + Spandex, Cotton + Nylon, Elastic PVC
.Dimensions: 29 (L) x 30 (W) x 9 (H) cm
.Weight: ±227g

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

Hygienic hand pump design
Quick and easy inflation in 1 minute. Prevent bacteria from growing inside.
Comfortable head supporting
Fall asleep quickly with the special u-shape rear head design.
Side pockets
Keep your phone or music close during travelling.
Removable outer layer
Change and wash easily.
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