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DM Home CF Filter (For RO Water Dispenser)

DM Home CF Filter (For RO Water Dispenser)

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Product Description:

.Activated Granular Carbon Rod.
.Further absorbs odors or abnormal colors, increases minerals such as strontium, enhances the taste of water as sweet and delicious and stabilizes pH value between 7.0-8.5.

.Suggested Replacement Time: 6 months.

*Reference as 3-5 persons as unit / Usage around 2000-3000.


.Model Code: DM-DW19-F3-CF
.Materials: Rear Composite Carbon Rod
.Only avaliable for DM Home RO Water Dispenser.

*Fulfill CE international certification, SGS and ROHS Electronics Safety Standard

CE:CE marking
RoHS:Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
SGS:SGS Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety General requirements

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