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(Top Selling) DM Home RO Water Dispenser

(Top Selling) DM Home RO Water Dispenser

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Product Description:

.Reverse Osmosis Technology filters with the precision of 0.0001 microns    (effectively remove bacteria, chemical pesticide residues,
microorganisms, residual chlorine, abnormal odors and colors etc.)
.SPE Electrolysis Technology – Make hydrogen water
.UVC LED light sterilization
.4-layer purification, 3 filters
   (PAC 2in1 Composite Filter, RO Filter, CB Filter / *CF Filter)
. 3-second heating (85-95˚C)
.Semiconductor refrigeration technology (low to 10˚C)
.6 temperature modes (Normal, Milk, Cold, Coffee, Tea, Hot)
. Large capacity of separate water tank (6L Raw Water / 2.5L Concentrated Water)
.Smart Washing
.Intelligent control panel, smart reminder (host condition, filter replacement reminder)
.Hot water safety lock
. Low Noise
.Easy Installation

 *CF Filter: It is an added-on upgrade.


.Model: DM-DW19-ROHY-1/2
.Voltage: 220V~
.Rate Frequency: 50Hz
.Rate Power: 2200W
.Power Consumption: 0.1kW/24h
.Water Circulation Rate: 30L/h
.Water Tank Volume: 6L Raw Water + 2.5L Concentrated Water
.Purified Water Temperature: 10-95°C
.Water Source: Local Tap Water
.Input Water Temperature: 5-38°C
.Dimension: 475x240x430mm
.Weight: 10.6kg


*Fulfill CE international certification, SGS and ROHS Electronics Safety Standard

CE:  CE marking

RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

SGS: SGS Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety General requirements



For more details, please visit our YouTube channel as below:

DM Home RO Water Dispenser.Start Your Purified and Health Life! (Eng)

DM Home RO Water Dispenser.Start Your Purified and Health Life! (Chi)

DM Home RO Water Dispenser.Installation

DM Home RO Water Dispenser.Operation

DM Home RO Water Dispenser.Replace Filter

[TEST] Filtering Dirty Water

DM Home RO Water Dispenser.How to drain the remaining water (Water this before long-distance transportation)

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